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  • Daily Lenses

    From $12.00

    Single-use lenses featuring high-moisture content for all-day clear vision & comfort.

  • Daily Color Lenses

    From $18.00

    Daily disposable natural-colored lenses with high-moisture content to brighten your day.

  • Monthly Lenses

    From $13.00

    A range of monthly lenses designed for use in varying environments and climates.

  • Monthly Color Lenses

    From $14.00

    Natural-colored lenses for monthly use. Choose from an assortment of 9 colors.

  • Lens Care Solutions

    From $2.50

    Remove all sorts of micro-debris & bacteria on monthly lenses with our lens care solution.

  • Upload your eye prescription

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  • Schedule a Free Eye Examination today*.

    Need a prescription? Simply visit our friendly optometrists at Orchard Road to get a free eye exam with a minimum purchase of $30 and above.

  • Perfecting Lenses since 1985.

    Welcome to Clearlab! We're here to transform your contact lens experience. Our global team is dedicated to creating innovative lenses that make a difference. Based in Singapore and South Korea, we've been perfecting lenses since 1985.

    Our range includes comfortable daily and monthly disposable lenses in various materials, along with lens care solutions and stylish cosmetic color lenses.

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