4 Reasons to Pick Contact Lenses Over Glasses

The switch from glasses to contacts is often viewed with some form of worry — many of us begin wearing glasses as a child or young teen in Singapore, and we might grow up hearing stories of the dangers and risks of contact lenses. We've recently busted some common myths surrounding contact lenses, but in this article, we will be addressing the pros of switching to contact lenses. If you’re still facing the dilemma of contact lenses vs glasses, read on to discover how switching to contact lenses can improve your life or better suit your lifestyle needs!

1. More Comfortable Than You Think

It might seem counter-intuitive, but contact lenses are actually quite comfortable! Most people report that after a couple of tries to get used to it, putting on and wearing contacts throughout the day is no more uncomfortable than having a pair of glasses that rests upon your nose and your ears.

There is a wide range of prescription contact lenses available in Singapore, and these can address issues such as astigmatism or even dry eyes. Modern lenses are designed with high tech materials to be a good fit, breathable, and be perfectly comfortable for wearers.

2. Better Field of Vision

Contact lenses will be the same prescription strength as your glasses, but they will also give you a fuller field of focused vision wherever you look. Unlike glasses, the lenses move with your eyes, and this can help you track moving objects, both in your direct and peripheral vision.

Contacts also eliminate the issues of the environment that glasses can face. Rain and steam won't cause your glasses to fog up, and help you retain clear and sharp vision through adverse weather conditions.

3. Makes it Easier to Move Around & Exercise

This benefit is one of the top reasons why someone might switch from glasses to contacts. Contacts are much safer for athletes and active individuals, who enjoy moving around and playing sports. You will no longer have to worry about your glasses getting in the way of gear like helmets and goggles, or hurting you and those around you, especially in contact sports. Contact lenses also grant you freedom of movement, and you can run and jump without fear of your glasses falling off or breaking.

4. Boost Your Self-Confidence

Contact lenses open up a whole new avenue for style and fashion. There's certainly nothing wrong with the look of glasses, and they can even complement your style, but the option of contact lenses gives you so much more to work with. Contact lenses can help brighten up your eyes, and they can help you look much more natural, as you do not have a pair of frames obscuring your eyes, or catching more attention than the rest of your look. With contacts, you can show off your eye-makeup, or even try some coloured contact lenses!

Here at Clearlab, we have a wide range of colours to match your mood, your desired look, or just something fun to try out, if you're feeling adventurous. With contact lenses, there are so many ways to express your personality and stand out in a crowd.

Make the Switch to Contact Lenses With Clearlab Singapore

Have we convinced you of the benefits of contact lenses? Check out our online shop in Singapore for our wide range of contacts for every lifestyle and need, with free shipping for a minimum purchase of $50! From daily disposable lenses and monthly contact lenses to lenses for astigmatism or lens disinfectant solution, we've got you covered.

New to contacts and need a little guidance or help? Our specialists can bring you through the process to find the right lenses for your needs. We offer free eye exams, so come visit our store at The Centrepoint Orchard to get tested and learn more about our contacts today.

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