Clearlab Technologies

Advanced Spin Casting with spherical aberration correction only for Clearlab
Spin casting for a contact lens was developed in 1961 by Prof Otto Wichterle, but was not in wide use for contact lens manufacturing due to aspheric lens surface. Clearlab employed a digital correction with a mathematical formula for the spherical aberration. At Clearlab, a unique modular production process for just-in-time production using the advanced spin casting resulted in a superbly comfortable soft contact lens with a low production cost. Industry’s only and first green manufacturing technology was also combined for a low cost but good quality product. All these industry leading improvements translates into a much user-friendly price.

Clearlab Daily disposable lens
Daily disposable contact lens has gained a widespread acceptance among contact lens users in recent years. Daily disposable lenses offer a lens modality with a pair of fresh lenses every day, which means that an end user do not have to clean the used lens every night to sterilize. Lens cleaning requires lens care solutions with a lens case that can also be a source of contamination if managed poorly. With fresh replacement of contact lens every day, daily disposable lens offers less eye infection and clear vision with no hassle of lens cleansing, all of which has made daily disposable lens to be a major product category. Clearlab offers both clear daily disposable lenses for vision correction and beauty enhancing color daily lenses also with vision correction.

Green Technology for the Nature
Clearlab’s proprietary advanced spin casting technology allows contact lens manufacturing with 80% less plastic and water consumption. With this technology, plastic mold for contact lens can also be a lens blister pack for contact lens storage, not only preserving the nature, but also lowering product cost. Clearlab’s innovative lens manufacturing and packaging technology combined lower production cost significantly, the saving from which is passed onto customers.

Comfortable for whole day long
AQUAgripTM chemistry and excellent geometry of a Clearlab's daily disposable contact lens are keys for a good comfort whole day long. These Excellences in  science and advance optic design were made possible through several decades of unyielding R&D activities. Clearlab has strong R&D teams for lens chemistry and optical geometry.Clearlab contact lenses are assured for whole day comfort and eye health. Clearlab lenses incorporated with AQUAgripTM technology exhibits very low lipid/protein deposit on the lens surface, and shows exceptional dimensional stability, losing less than 1% moist after 8 hour wearing. These properties offer a clear vision whole day long. The sustained water retention achieved by the AQUAgripTM technology is largely negating the need for eye drop usage in the afternoon. See below the molecular mechanism of the AQUAgripTM property. The double hydrogen bonding between the AQUAgripTM lens material and tear water  makes water retention 5.5 times persistent on the lens surface.


Safer for your eyes
Salient advantage of spun cast lenses of Clearlab (clear 1-day) is the super smooth lens surface free-formed in the air. The smooth lens surface that contacts to the corneal surface of eyes is combined with proprietary AQUAgripTM lens material for an unparalled water retention. The result is an optimally gliding lens surface drenched in a tear water envelop whole day long, which prevents microbe anchorage on the lens surface and thus results in much less pathogenic infection. Clearlab has manufactured and sold more than 600 million spun cast daily disposable lenses world-wide, primarily in Europe, the USA, South Korea, and China with no report of serious eye infection.

Clearlab toric (for astigmatism) and multifocal (presbyopia) lenses
At Clearlab, a toric lens for astigmatism is using a proprietary lens Design of Active Stabilization to provide comfort and easy lens orientation. A multifocal lens design was devised to take advantage of the seamlessly progressive power additions by adopting multi-band transition of parabolic radius. This novel multifocal lens design allows easy fitting with a simple power addition for a good near vision as well as a satisfactory far vision. Innovative lens design for astigmatism and presbyopia allow Clearlab to offer clear vision on a wider optical zone without compromise.


Lens design optimization: multi-wave front design with no edge feeling


Innovations of Clearlab’s Novel Silicon Hydrogel Lens
Silicon hydrogel material of a contact lenses are desired for an ample oxygen supply to the corneal tissue of eyes. Silicon hydrogel, with its salient advantage of adequate oxygen supply, has its own problems of relatively low water content (28-45%) and of allergic rejection on long term usage. Clearlab’s new generation of silicon hydrogel lens offers an effective solution to these problems with an optimal combination of silicon PDMS stacking and the high water content/retention of the AQUAgripTM property. The new Silicon hydrogel lens of Clearlab offers exceptionally high water content(67%), but still with a high oxygen permeability.The unique property of clearlab's new silicon hydrogel lens is achieved through the 
unique TriChannelTM technology for an optimal transmission of (1) oxygen, (2) water, and (3) ions across the contact lens. These properties are required for eye health, wearing comfort, and easy lens handling respectively. The high oxygen transport to cornea has been achieved both by the stacking of silicon block stacking and by the exceptionally high water content. These properties provide a moist drenched feeling as well as the high oxygen supply.