About Us

Clearlab is committed to providing innovative contact lenses and services to the global marketplace. As a global organization, we attract talent from Countries around the globe. Our main manufacturing sites in Singapore (founded in 1990) and in South Korea (founded in 1985), as well as marketing affiliates in major global markets are testament of this fact. Clearlab offers a broad range of lens materials and modalities including novel silicon hydrogel lenses. Our product portfolio includes daily disposable lenses, monthly frequent disposable lenses both in hydrogel and in silicon hydrogel, lens care solutions, and a full line of cosmetic color lenses. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our utmost priorities.


Vision: The Clearlab Experience

Clearlab is tirelessly committed to industry leading R&D through thick and thin to bring innovative products. Whether material scientists, finance staffs, mechanical engineers, quality engineers, logistic and production personnel, we share a common goal in providing best value and experience to our customers. We would like to achieve a simple goal; Our customers have a better contact lens wearing experience, in high product quality at a truly affordable cost.