5 Benefits of Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses have been around for quite some time, and have been growing in popularity year after year. Prescription coloured lenses are made to look amazing while also providing vision correction. They can correct myopia, hyperopia, and even minor degrees of astigmatism.

But that’s not all they do either. Coloured contact lenses come with a nuanced set of advantages unique to themselves. Here are the top 5 benefits you can enjoy when you buy coloured contact lenses in Singapore:


Coloured contact lenses come in a large variety of different colours and designs which you can switch up as and when you like. In other words, be it a subtle hazel brown or an outlandish electric green, you’ll have a coloured contact lens option for each outfit you choose to put on no matter the event or day of the week!


It may be daunting to look a person in the eye, especially when you’re not too fond of how your eyes naturally look. Coloured contact lenses are great confidence-boosters in this regard, and allow you to spice up your aesthetic for a little self-esteem boost, simply by altering the colour of your iris.


People who wear coloured contact lenses have the most fun getting ready in the morning — or at any time of the day, for that matter. To be able to accessorize your get-up with new eye colours unlocks so much room for opportunity in terms of creating new looks and adopting different styles. There’s also a ton of fun to be had when experimenting with different outfits and coloured contact lenses to see how you can switch things up!


Coloured contact lenses in Singapore are often just as comfortable as clear lenses, as long as you get them from a reputable optics shop such as Clearlab. Though some may find that coloured contact lenses feel a little thicker, this added thickness rarely causes any major discomfort, and is often forgotten no longer than 10 minutes after the coloured lenses have been placed atop the eyes.


In Singapore, you can also easily find prescription-compatible coloured contact lenses. The way they operate is also exactly the same as clear lenses, providing you with the vision correction you need while also acting as an aesthetic enhancement. With coloured contact lenses, you’ll not only look better, but see better too.


Buy the best coloured contact lenses in Singapore with Clearlab online. Our natural coloured contact lenses are designed to be both fashionable and comfortable, and come in a wide range of colours such as: black, brown, gray, hazel, blue, and even green.

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