5 Quick Tips For Travelling with Contact Lenses

The new Vaccinated Travel Lanes have opened up, and overseas holidays are finally looking like a possibility again. With travel, however, comes the stress of booking flights, checking the new travel guidelines, planning an itinerary, and packing. In the flurry of all that activity, you don't really want to be worried about eyecare and the dangers of an interrupted contact lens care regimen. Here are some essential travel tips for contact lens wearers!

1. Pack All Essentials, Plus Extras

A check-list is extremely helpful when it comes to packing, and you want to make sure that you have all your contact lens essentials accounted for. An extra pair of contact lenses (or more than enough pairs if you wear daily disposable lenses), leak-proof carrying cases, your contact lens solution should be at the top of your list.

Contact lens solution is especially important because solution formulas might vary from country to country, and may not be compatible with the contacts that you're bringing. Not to mention the potential language barrier challenges of buying it in a foreign country!

We also recommend bringing along some eye drops in your carry on case. The air on airplanes is often very dry, which might cause discomfort. Eye-drops can make your flight much more comfortable.

2. Bring Along Spare Glasses

While you might be bringing more than enough sets of contact lenses, it's always a good idea to have a spare pair of eyeglasses. Travelling is unpredictable, and having your glasses with you is a lifesaver should you lose your contact lenses, or if your eyes get irritated.

It’s also a good idea to switch to wearing glasses on the plane, especially if you intend to sleep on your flight. Sleeping while wearing contacts is inadvisable — air doesn't circulate as well with closed eyes, which can lead to tiny tears in the cornea. A pair of spare contact lenses and glasses in your carry-on will help you prepare for any situation.

3. Store Bottles in Zip-Lock Bags

Packing liquids on flights is always a hassle, but in the case of eyecare, cleaning solution is a necessity we can't give up. In an airplane, liquid containers are prone to leaking due to the changes in air pressure, so it's important to keep those in zip-loc bags to prevent spilling, both in your carry-on and in your check-in luggage. Buying a new bottle, completely sealed, might also help with this problem.

4. Buy Travel-Sized Contact Lens Solution

Apart from spills, liquids on planes are also subject to the security rules. In general, liquids containers are only allowed in the cabin if they are not more than 100ml, even if you have a larger liquid container that is only partially filled. Consider getting a travel-sized contact lens solution like our 100ml Eyedia™ Disinfectant Solution for an easy fix! This will be easily allowed onto your carry-on, and has the added benefit of eliminating the worry of running out of solution halfway through your trip.

5. Consider Using Daily Disposable Lenses

These tips will help you with your lens care regimen while on a trip, but sometimes, you might not want to deal with the difficulty of finding somewhere comfortable enough to clean your monthly contacts. Try switching to daily disposable contact lenses for the duration of the trip! This will eliminate any extra steps that you might have to take with monthly or reusable contact lenses, and ensures that you will not have to worry about disinfecting, rinsing, or cleaning your lenses daily.

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With these travel tips in tow, you’ll be more than ready for carefree holidays as a contact lens wearer! Keen to stock up on essentials before your trip? Clearlab has your back. Find out more about our high-quality contact lenses and contact lens solution on our website today. Browse our online shop in Singapore for a wide range of affordable lenses, with free shipping available for orders $50 and above! If you’re new to lenses or need an updated prescription, you can book a free eye exam at our CentrePoint location to get the best lenses for your needs.

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