Beginner's Guide to the Different Types of Contact Lenses

Welcome to the wonderful world of contact lenses! If you’ve just recently started wearing them, or if you’re considering getting contact lenses, you might be confused about the myriad of options available in Singapore’s stores. Sure, you’ve probably heard of daily and monthly lenses, but what about presbyopia, or toric?

Daily Disposable Lenses

In general, lenses can be categorised based on wearing time, vision correction needs, and material. There is a wide variety of lenses to suit different lifestyles, preferences, and prescriptions. Apart from vision correction, there are also coloured lenses for aesthetic purposes. Here’s our beginner’s guide to all the common types of contact lenses you’ll find in Singapore!

These lenses are meant to be worn in the morning and disposed of at the end of the day. Daily disposable contact lenses are the most convenient option for those who live an active, sporty lifestyle, as you can simply discard your lenses after use. It’s also a viable option if you wear lenses infrequently, or if you’re not ready to commit to wearing them full-time just yet.

Monthly Lenses

Monthly contact lenses are designed to be reusable for up to a month before they should be discarded. Compared to their daily counterparts, these require regular cleaning but allow you to wear one pair for an extended period of time. If you’re unsure whether daily or monthly lenses are better for you, check out our useful guide here.

Coloured Lenses

Coloured contact lenses let you change up your eye colour or iris size and in fun and creative ways. Usually available as both daily and monthly lenses, coloured contact lenses come in a wide variety of colours to help you achieve your desired look. Stand out with vibrant green eyes or add a subtle flair to your appearance with brown lenses. Do note that coloured lenses still require a contact lens prescription!

Toric Lenses

Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism, a condition caused by imperfections in the eye curvature that lead to blurred vision. Clear All-Day™ Toric lenses have an advanced dynamic stabilisation design, giving wearers better depth of focus and comfort.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are generally made of either hydrogel or silicone hydrogel. These gel-like materials are thin, soft and flexible, allowing oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea.

If you’re planning to wear your lenses for extended periods, this oxygen permeability helps prevent complications like hypoxia, which occurs when the cornea does not get sufficient oxygen. Soft contact lenses tend to be suitable for those with dry eyes, and are one of the most popular types of contact lenses in Singapore due to their superior comfort.

Multifocal or Presbyopia Lenses

Similar to glasses, these contact lenses can correct nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). They are also designed to correct presbyopia, an age-related condition involving the gradual inability to focus on nearby objects.

UV Lenses

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light emitted from the sun can lead to serious eye conditions like cataracts and photokeratitis. UV lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, ideal for people who spend long hours outdoors in Singapore’s sunny weather.

Shop High-Quality Contact Lenses at Clearlab

When choosing the right contact lens for your needs, there are many factors to take into consideration. If you are unsure which type of lens is suitable for you, feel free to contact us at Clearlab. Register for a free eye exam at our CentrePoint outlet and let our team of professionals prescribe the right lens for you.

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