Guide to Selecting the Right Contact Lenses For Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for contact lenses that are perfect for your lifestyle in Singapore? Contact lenses are far from being a “one-size-fits-all” as there are many different lens types for various conditions and preferences. To find the lenses that are right for you, it’s best to start by looking at your lifestyle and figuring out what characteristics define your day-to-day life. Find out which contacts fit well with your way of life with this handy guide!

What Kind of Lens Should I Get?

1. If you lead an active & busy life: Disposable daily lenses

Disposable daily lenses are usually thin, comfortable and can be used as and when you need to. These contact lenses are great for everyday wear. If you’re an avid swimmer or regularly participate in sports and physical activities, these lenses are excellent as they can simply be discarded after use.

Disposable daily contact lenses are a top choice for busy individuals who don't want to worry about lens maintenance and cleaning. They’re also great for people who are not used to wearing contact lenses or only wear them infrequently. On the other hand, if you’re looking to wear contacts full-time, then you might want to consider monthly contact lenses as a more cost-effective and convenient option.

2. If you work long hours at the computer: High moisture lenses

There you are, staring at your screen for the umpteenth time. You look up and notice that your eyes are feeling dry and tired. You tell yourself that once you finish this project, you can get some shuteye. But, before you know it, you’re back to staring at that screen once more.

Like many others in Singapore, you might need to work long hours in front of the computer, or simply enjoy watching Netflix and surfing the web in your free time. Staring at the screen puts tremendous stress on your eyes; hence, you need comfortable lenses with high moisture content. Lenses made out of soft materials such as silicone hydrogel contact lenses are also ideal as they allow better oxygen permeability, offering greater comfort and hydration for extended wear.

3. If you are often outdoors: UV-blocking lenses

Does your job require you to be outdoors? Or do you simply love soaking up the sun at the beach? If that’s you, then UV-blocking lenses can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. By protecting your eyes from UV light damage, You can even reduce the chances of developing cataracts and macular degeneration in the future.

4. If you like expressing yourself with colour: Coloured lenses

If you love wearing vibrantly coloured clothes, using makeup or dyeing your hair, coloured contact lenses are another must-have for you! They can be a subtle yet alluring way to express your personality and change up your appearance. You’ll be surprised at how much difference it can make in how you feel and look!

You can find prescription, natural coloured contact lenses for both daily and monthly use in Singapore, as well as ones that can correct vision problems such as astigmatism.

Explore Contact Lenses At Clearlab Today

Have you ever asked yourself whether you should buy monthly disposable contact lenses or daily contact lenses? Maybe you are even one of the people who already wear contacts but wonder what silicone hydrogel contact lenses are or how coloured contacts would look on you?

Clearlab Singapore is here to help you find the perfect lenses for your lifestyle needs. Visit our online store or book a free eye exam with us today!

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