How to Buy the Right Contact Lens Disinfectant Solution in Singapore

Contact lenses are a popular option in Singapore for fixing blurry vision — with good reason. Glasses can often get in the way of daily life, especially if you engage in a lot of physical activity. Contacts, on the other hand, are much more convenient in this regard, and even provides you with unobstructed, all-around natural vision.

However, caring for your contact lenses is key to safe lens use and good eye care. Read all about lens care in our previous blog, or simply view our lens care guide at Clearlab.

On top of proper lens care habits and routines, you will also need to get yourself a good bottle of contact lens solution. You’ll need this to properly store the monthly contact lenses you bought online or in-person from a physical contact lens shop in Singapore.

Here are 3 easy steps to buying the right contact lens solution:



There are numerous different contact lens types sold in Singaporeeach with nuanced care needs required. You should easily be able to determine your contact lens type from the prescription you received during your initial eye exam.

If you’ve misplaced it and don’t recall what type of monthly disposable contact lenses you were issued, simply call up your eye doctor’s office and check for your personal records. Below are some commonly-used categories of contact lenses in Singapore:

  • Soft contact lenses (hydrogel or silicone hydrogel)
  • Hard contact lenses (rigid gas-permeable plastic)
  • Hybrid contact lenses


Next, you’ll have to determine the right type of contact lens solution you’ll need to properly clean and store your monthly disposable contact lenses. Don’t just default to the lowest-priced item you find in your local contact lens shop or grocer in Singapore — make sure you get something suitable for both your specific needs and those required by your contact lens type.

Here are some common contact lens solutions types you’ll find in Singapore:

Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution

This type of disinfectant solution is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. It is suitable for soft, hard, and hybrid lenses, and its preservative-free ingredient base makes it such that you are unlikely to experience any allergic reaction when using this solution type for your contact lenses.

Saline Contact Lens Solution

This is the most common type of contact lens solution you’ll find in Singapore shops. However, they are only effective for rinsing and shouldn’t be used to store your monthly disposable contact lenses.

Daily Cleaning Contact Lens Solution

Daily cleaning solutions are often sold cheaply online and can be used for storing your monthly contact lenses, or for thorough disinfection when needed. However, this solution type should never come into contact with your eyes. It must be rinsed off with saline solution before wear.

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Solution

This type of contact lens solution simply does it all — cleaning, disinfecting, rising, and storing. This is the preferred solution type by many in Singapore, as it provides the most convenience and value-for-money.


Once you’ve picked out the right solution type for your contact lenses, it’s time to make your choice on the brand of solution you go for. Remember, good eye care is paramount. Always go for something you can trust.

At Clearlab, all our products—from daily lenses and monthly disposables to contact lens solutions—meet and exceed the requirements set out by health regulatory bodies in Singapore and the rest of the world. With Clearlab, you can rest assured that the contact lens solution you get not only meets safety standards but is of the best quality possible.


Clearlab’s Eyedia™ Disinfectant Solution is designed for flawless disinfection of your monthly disposable contact lenses, and is available in 100ml and 360ml in Singapore. Our solution also improves the wetting and water retention of lenses, via coating them with 6 different moisturising hydroxyl groups.

Get Eyedia™ Disinfectant Solution today, for quality eye care and safe contact lens use.

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