What to Do When Wearing Contact Lenses Hurt

A commonly faced problem by those who wear contact lenses in Singapore is that their eyes hurt either when putting the contact lenses on or once they have been worn. However, this can happen for a multitude of reasons, with each case having its own course of remedy. Some of the common reasons why wearing lenses hurt include:


Pain or irritation in the eye can be caused by faulty contact lenses. Immediately take out your lenses and check for any visible rips or tears. If there’s none but it still hurts when you reinsert your lens, there is a high chance that there are microtears on your contact lenses that may be harder to spot.


Immediately dispose of the faulty contact lens and wear a new one instead. Micro or not, tears on your daily or monthly contact lenses can damage sensitive tissue in the eye, and is a danger that should be avoided at all costs in and beyond Singapore.


Your eye size and shape are unique, and wearing contact lenses that do not fit your eye can cause pain, irritation, and blurry vision. At worst, unsuitable contact lenses can even cause severe damage to your eye health, and result in corneal abrasion and the likes.


Make a visit to an optician—or simply book a free eye exam with Clearlab—and get a prescription for contact lenses that fit your eye size and shape. In some cases, certain eye shapes and sizes require toric lenses, and some people may find certain types of contact lenses more suitable than others.


If you wear monthly disposable contact lenses, your contact lenses may accumulate gunk over time. Especially with drier contact lenses, the build-up can be significant and cause irritation to the eye. Other situations such as a windy or dusty environment or sleeping with your lenses is not advisable, as it can also contribute to deposits and irritants collected in your lenses, so you still have to take notice even if you are wearing daily disposable contact lenses in Singapore.


Remove your daily or monthly disposable contact lenses immediately once you experience irritation or pain. Then, clean and disinfect your contact lens with some contact lens solution while following the proper lens care routine. Your contact lenses should then be safe to put on again without causing pain or irritation.


Dry eyes can occur due to several reasons, from the environment to prolonged screen-facing, to even rubbing your eyes excessively or innate lack of tear-generation by your eye ducts. It can also be caused by contact lenses that don’t retain moisture well enough and aren’t sufficiently permeable.


Remove your daily or monthly disposable contact lenses, and apply eye drops to your dry or red eye. If possible, let your eyes rest for 15-20 minutes and only put your contact lenses back on after an hour or two. If dryness or redness persists, make sure to visit an optometrist to get your eyes checked for any infections or injury.


Of course, pain from wearing contact lenses can simply be caused by poor quality lenses. To avoid discomfort, pain, and detriments to eye health, make sure you only buy high-quality daily or monthly contact lenses from a reputable store in Singapore such as Clearlab.

With our allergen-free, anti-dry technology and more, we make daily disposables and monthly contact lenses that promise safety and comfort along with vision correction. Shop our online store at Clearlab today, or make a visit to our physical outlet to check out what we have.

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